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Birthdate:Feb 22
Location:Michigan, United States of America
ATOMS:  majoring in applied/computational mathematics; avid learner of languages; completely and totally obsessed with Risotto Nero of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure; artist; Finnish heritage; raised in the South; wwwwwww.//

Interests (80):

.hack, .hack//game, .hack//sign, abstract algebra, applied/computational mathematics, araki hirohiko, araki is a vampire, art, books, calculus, chemistry, combinatorics, decora, diavolo, diego brando, differential equations, dio brando, don't fuck dinosaurs ferdinand, doppio, engineering, español, fall off your horse, fashion, fashion is delicious, fashion is for chumps, fashion is not style, finland, finnish, fish skeletons, gay storylines, german, giogio, giomis, giorno's buns, golden wind, guro, gyro is a woman, gyro zeppeli, gyro's steel balls, haruno shiobana, history, japanese, jojo's bizarre adventure, katamari damacy, king of the hill, la squadra di passione, languages, linear algebra, marlboro reds, math, minimalism, not chemistry, not modern art, passione, patrick mcgoohan, photography, professor ferdinand eats flan, professor ferdinand is a nympho, professor flanzinand, risotto nero, rizopuro, rizpro, russian, spanish, steel ball run, still a marine biologist, stoned brocean, stoned owncean, suomi, tenebrism, the prisoner, trains, transgressive literature, vcr, vector-based calculus, vento aureo, vhs, videos of kittens, Любэ, русский

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